Kapazitive Sensoren
Kapazitive Sensoren
Kapazitive Sensoren zur Bildersicherung und Bildüberwachung
Extract from our product portfolio
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Cx-1 Kapazitive Sensoren - 1 measuring channel
- reaction time 100ms
- 2 output contacts
- cover contact for sabotage alarm triggering
- power requirements: 12V - 24V DC; supply current: 6mA@12V
Cx-5 Kapazitive Sensoren - complete system incl. capacitive sensor area, electronic and batterie
- acoustical alarm transmitter
- additional shock sensor
- radiotransmitter
- low battery detection
Cx-16 Kapazitive Sensoren - 16 measurement channels in combination with two KW-8 multiplexers
- pre-alert, intrusion alarm and sabotage separately for each channel
- messages via LSN/Transliner-ringbus or conventional technology
- 2 galvanically decoupled contacts / 2 Inputs: day/night and alarm clear
- power requirements: 12V - 24V DC; supply current: 17mA@12V
KW-8 Kapazitive Sensoren - multiplexer-device for one of 8 channels of the Cx-16
- wall mounting, size: 240 mm x 30 mm x 80 mm
- allows monitoring four paintings per Cx-16 channel
- different sensitivitys
- cover contact for sabotage alarm triggering
NEMA alt= communication device includes 5 Ports
- MCX-LAN Network for 31 Cx-sensors
- RS232 connector for using a laptop to configure the Cx-sensors
- RS422/RS485 Port to connect video routers etc.
- 2 x DL3-network to connect max. 16 NEMA's together